SRAML Wine Making Equipment


Winemaking is both and art and a science. Vitikit have partnered with SRAML who are at the forefront of wine making equipment, using cutting edge technology is fundamental in producing a superior and consistent product. Vitikit can supply individual machines or complete production lines tailored to meet your needs with experts on hand to offer advice on sizing. SRAML wine making products available through Vitikit include:

  • Reception and sorting
  • Destemmers and Crushers
  • Pumps and pumping units
  • Presses
  • Bottling

Step 1
Grape Belt Elevator

Step 2
Vertical Basket Press

Step 3

Step 4
Peristaltic pumps

Step 5
VPi Inertgas Pneumatic Presses

Step 6
VP Standard Pneumatic Presses

Step 7
VPe Eco Pneumatic Presses

Need Wine Making Equipment? Contact Us

Please ask if you would like to come and have a look at our equipment for wine making. Pressure tanks for Charmat are made to order in Germany, so please get in touch for more details if of interest. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of the wine making equipment to be used in any of the stages of the process.