Cider Making Equipment

As leading providers of cider making equipment, we have developed outstanding knowledge of the equipment types that produce only the very best results. At Vitikit, we provide cider equipment for each and every stage of the cider making process, having developed relationships with some of the top manufacturers and suppliers across Europe over a number of years.

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Stainless Steel Tanks

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Final Stage Processing

Step 5
Apple Processing

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Stossier Presses

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Hoses & Fittings

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Steam Generators

Cider Making Equipment from Vitikit

Our cider making equipment has not only been sourced from some of the best manufacturers, but we have tried and tested many of the machines and consumables we offer ourselves. All of our team here are involved in the drinks industry outside of Vitikit, whether that is cider, beer or wine, or even Kombucha.

At Vitikit, we are keen to share our experiences of making cider. We have ourselves made some absolute shockers over the years and have also surprised ourselves with some very nice bottle conditioned ciders and, last year, we were delighted with a dry-hopped keg cider called Cyclops. We are very happy to tell you what we have gone wrong in the past and where we think we could have done better.

Cider Equipment for Processing & Fermentation

Regardless of what stage you are currently at in the cider making process, whether you are just planning your cidery, half way through production or finalising your blend, Vitikit can supply cider making equipment for all stages of the process.

For the all-important apple processing stage, we have the following equipment types:

  • Fruit Mills
  • Hydropresses
  • Pack Presses and Hydraulic Presses
  • Mill, Washer & Elevator Systems
  • Belt Press

We are established suppliers of Maurer GEP – a company that specialises in the production of cider equipment such as washer, elevator mills, belt presses and mill systems. We also supply Stossier Presses from Austria, which have been in production since 1917, showing their true quality and experience in the processing of fruit. Once the apples are processed, fermentation is required, normally in stainless steel tanks. For this, we have the specialist cider making equipment in the form of steam generators, pumps, chiller units, valves, hoses and more.

Filtration & Final Stage Processing

Moving on to the filtration stage. We supply many types of filter equipment from plate filters to cartridges, but a special mention must go to the Romfil crossflow filtration machines that we stock.

These are highly effectual machines that can bring numerous benefits by way of increasing efficiency through saving both energy and money. 1 module manual machines are available through to 12 module fully automatic machines. We also have a demonstrator available if you want to get in touch.

The final stage processing requires just as much care as the other three stages and making use of our pasteurisers, a bag in box or carbonators, will ensure your product gets the attention it deserves.

Contact us to discuss our equipment for making cider in further detail and to discuss where you are in the cider making process. Our knowledgeable team will help you distinguish the most appropriate cider making equipment.

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Vitikit Limited

Vitikit Limited is proud to be partnered with a variety of manufacturers from around the globe. We are a leading European distributor for major equipment manufacturers in countries including Germany, China and Brazil. From grape processing machinery to crossflow filtration equipment to bottling machinery, we provide it all and everything in between. Our website is home to a vast range of cider, distilling, beer and wine making equipment. Get in touch directly if you see a certain type of equipment and we will source it.
Vitikit Limited
Vitikit Limited
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎄

We'd like to make our customers aware of our upcoming Christmas opening times, so do get touch with our team before the below dates to ensure you have everything you need for a perfect festive period with friends and family:

We close on December 23rd until Tuesday 4th January 2022.

We hope you have a wonderful time preparing in the run up to the big day - don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance before then!
Vitikit Limited
Vitikit Limited
Our latest GIVEAWAY is LIVE - You can enter our instagram competition for the chance to win beer from Loddon Brewery this Christmas.

Vitikit Limited
Vitikit Limited
Our partners NDL Craft in China have invested in their new state of the art factory. It covers an area 50,000 m². It contains workshops, offices and dinning facilities for the works. This enables NDL to keep a competitive edge and produce high quality stainless steel vessels. Check out the products at https://www.v-brew.co.uk/

☎️ (+44) 01395 233031
📧 info@vitikit.com

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Vitikit Limited
Vitikit Limited
At the very heart of all our customers products is the ability to maintain the exacting conditions time and time again. Our in house engineering team has developed a temperature control system for exact temperature control. Features include:

- Touch screen interface
- Automated control
- Scaled and customised to users needs
- Energy Efficient

📞 (+44) 01395 233031
✉️ info@vitikit.com

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Vitikit Limited
Vitikit Limited
Our colleague Kieran has been busy again this week installing a brew house system at Gun Brewery in Sussex. You can check out the full range online at our brewing website V-BREW.CO.UK

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Vitikit Limited
Vitikit Limited
Did you know Vitikit can now delivery locally! 📦🚚

Out the door this week was our 5000L variable capacity Algor tank. Viti-delivery can make deliveries across the South West.

Enquire now:
📞 (+44) 01395 233031
✉️ info@vitikit.com

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Twitter Feed

Our latest GIVEAWAY is LIVE - You can enter our instagram competition for the chance to win beer from Loddon Brewery this Christmas.

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