About us

Having run our own vineyard and cider orchards for over a decade, VITIKIT was established in 2013 in order to offer quality brewing equipment at affordable prices to the hobbyist and small commercial producers of wine, cider and beer. However, we also have access to much larger equipment/KIT and are always happy to quote, whatever your requirements.

We strongly believe in the value of ‘hands on’ experience and having planted our cider orchards 20 years ago and our vineyard in 2005 we feel that we can offer first hand knowledge and honest advice on what works and what doesn’t. Through our own personal learning curve, we have sourced a range of products that we hold in high regard and are continually searching for further products to extend our range.

As a small family-run business customer satisfaction is a priority and any feedback on how we can improve our business is always gratefully received. We look forward to establishing long-standing business relationships with our customers and would like to thank you for your support.